9 Miracles
Leigh Watson

Arriving at my new gate, I happen to notice a very well dressed man, obviously someone very important by his presence and bearing, coming out of the restroom. I had not seen him before as we did not walk to the gate at the same time, but I definitely could tell this was someone very important.

Then suddenly, another man joined him, even more important than the first. I'm not sure how I knew this but just how he carried himself, and how the first man responded to him as he walked up, I thought, without a doubt, he is superior to the first man, perhaps his boss.

It was an interesting observation, because it seemed compared to everyone else waiting for the flight, these were certainly two very important people — whoever they were. I remember wondering if they were CEO's of some big company, or perhaps well known Evangelists, traveling to their next conference or revival.

The intercom sounded, giving the call to please line up to board, giving priority to some and for the others, please follow in behind.

As we were lining up, the one I had perceived as the more important position of the two, extremely well dressed gentlemen, suddenly got out of line, walked up to me and asked, "I'd like to pray for your son. What's his name?"

I was shocked because — how did he know? He was not in sight when I said goodbye, the first or the second time. I didn't know this man from Adam! I had never spoken a single word to him so it's not as if in passing conversation I had somehow let on that I had just said goodbye to my son as he left for the war. He had simply just walked up out of the blue when it was time to board.

Surprised, I thought he meant he would keep him in his thoughts and prayers so with my mind swirling with amazement, I answered, "Thank you, sir. Luke. Luke Scott. He just left for Iraq." giving him both my son's first and middle name.

Suddenly, this gentleman took both my hands and right there oblivious to everyone forming a line to board, in an authoritative voice, started praying out loud, "Lord, we thank you today for Luke Scott and we thank you for this Mother who lovingly is offering her son for our wonderful country. We ask for your blessing and protection for Luke as he travels to his destination and keep your hand over him and guide and direct him.

Lord, now this Mother has shot her arrow and now there is nothing more she can do. She is helpless as it flies away, but we know YOU are in charge of all things and that YOU guide and direct her arrow and we are trusting you Lord to keep Luke and bring him safely home.

Continue to be with this Mother, Lord, comfort her and remind her that this too, is in your hands. And as much as she loves him, we know you love him even more.

We thank you for this and for all things. In Christ's name we pray. Amen."

Then he smiled widely at me with those bright, blue eyes shining and said, "God bless!" and walked off to board the plane.

I stood there speechless! I never dreamed he meant to pray for me and Luke right then and there! How did he know? God is so good!

At the time, I was in such shock that I never thought to ask the gentleman his name and now regret not doing so. Someday, in heaven, I'll see him and THEN I'll be able to thank him by name!

This was the fifth miracle.